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The REMEDY lamp has been designed to ensure maximum warning effectiveness. 
When we decided to design the REMEDY low-profile combined lamp, we set ourselves the goal of creating a lamp
that would be of the highest quality and thus ensure an optimal level of safety. These goals are: reduction
of electromagnetic interference through the implementation of an innovative control system, the highest quality
electronic components assembled independently and subjected to multi-stage control, excellent mechanical and
aerodynamic properties.

If you have ever struggled with products that interfere with radio communication, have low light levels, quickly
degrading lampshades or are of low quality - REMDY will be the solution to your problems.

1. QUAD - basic flash mode -ECE R65
2. SINGLE - single -ECE R65
3. DOUBLE FLASH - double flash -ECE R65
4. TRIPLE - basic alternative -ECE R65
5. SLOW CALM - slow parking -ECE R65

-many color configurations,
-many length configurations,
-color of the lampshades,





-light wave,
-front work lamps,
- side work lamps,
- red PILOT lamp,
- illuminated inscription




Features typical of REMEDY:  
- Flash mode adjustment system depending on road conditions in cooperation with a dedicated EMCORE generator,
-Possibility of synchronization with other directional and combined lamps within an integrated system,
- Possibility to control the day/night brightness mode using a built-in phototransistor or an additional cable,
-REMEDY lamp is completely safe in terms of electromagnetic compatibility and does not cause interference with
radio communications and other on-board car systems.

  Technical REMEDY

Dimensions: 50mm high, 225mm wide, length from 500-2000mm
Voltage: 10-30 V
Power consumption: 4.5A 12V, 2.25A 24V
Flash frequency: 2.1 Hz
Flash pattern: 5 ECE R65
Weight: ~10 kg
Operating temperature: -30*C do + 50*C
Housing: base - ABS, dome - Polycarbonate



!!!ATTENTION!!! All products are certified in POLAND -ECE R10 -ECE R65 class 2 TA2, TB2, TR2- 5 homologated flash modes
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