1. The time for order fulfilment is specified at the Shop.
  2. If the Buyer chooses to pay for the order in advance, the Seller will commence fulfilment of the order after having received the payment.
  3. If multiple products are ordered by the Buyer in one order, the order will be performed in the time corresponding to the product with the longest time for order fulfilment.
  4. The goods purchased at the Shop can be delivered to the following countries:
    • Poland,
    • Germany,
    • France,
    • Czech Republic,
    • Spain,
    • Italy,
    • Great Britain,
    • Ireland,
    • Slovakia,
    • Belgium,
    • Netherlands,
    • Denmark,
    • Norway,
    • Sweden,
    • Finland,
    • Hungary,
    • Austria,
    • Slovenia,
    • Romania,
    • Bulgaria,
    • Greece,
    • Croatia,
    • Turkey,
    • United States of America,
    • Ukraine,
    • Latvia,
    • Lithuania,
  5. Products purchased at the Shop are delivered, depending on the mean of delivery chosen by the Buyer:
    1. via a delivery company,
    2. via Paczkomaty InPost.
  6. The Buyer can collect the goods personally at the company's main office during its opening hours.
  7. In the case of personal collection, the goods will be ready for collection at the indicated date of order fulfilment.