Whelen 295SL

The Symbol : Whelen-295SDA1
power supply [V]:
12 V
power [W]:
Delivery time to : 14 days
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1 opak

Whelen's 295SL Series Sound Modulator is the perfect solution for marked fire or ambulance vehicles. The ability to program the "20 Scan-Lock™" (siren sound) modulation on any button allows you to customize it to your needs and requirements. The device allows you to connect one or two 100W speakers. Other features include a megaphone (messaging through the microphone) and changing the modulation or activating the hand siren with the horn.

  Specyfication 295SL

Power supply: 12V and 24V 
Consumption 16A (12V), 20A (24V)
Impedance: 11 Ohm
Power: 100W
Light control: NO
Megaphone: TAK
Sound sien: 20 (20 Scan-Lock™)
Dimensions: 140x140x64 mm*
Operating temperature range: -30* to +70*




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