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The EMCORE ULTRA Bluetooth generator is one of the most advanced generators on the market. The manufacturer offers a device with a 12V or 24V power supply and a power of 100W or 200W. The ideal solution is the ability to select as many as 8 modulations from a library of 30 and one Horn signal from the 3 available. All this without any additional fee! Programming the generator is very simple and is possible by quickly activating the function by holding down two buttons. The set has the additional function of a PTT megaphone and radio broadcasting. The warning lighting control is very intuitive and allows you to activate blue and red lamps and an additional channel for blue lamps. The F1, F2 and F3 buttons allow you to activate any additional devices such as pneumatic signaling, work lamps or any other device. Option for quick activation of emergency lights and sound signals. "Detection" function, i.e. securing the activation of sound signaling without a warning lamp. It is possible to change the modulation of the horn.

The EMCORE ULTRA Bluetooth generator is the perfect solution for the most demanding users.

-30 sound siren,

-HORN signal,

-user programming,

-warning lighting control (3 channels)

-control of additional channels,


-changing siren tone from the horn ring,

-activation-quick button,

-"detection" function for police vehicles.






Input Voltage: 12V (10÷15V DC) lub 24V (20÷30V DC)
Max Current Draw: 12V (czuwanie 0A, min-max 10-20A) 24V (czuwanie 0A, min-max 6-12A)
Siren Power: 100W/200W
Impedance: 11 Ω
Siren tone: biblioteka 33 (modulacje 30 i sygnał Horn 3)
Lighting control: YES (3 kanały)
Additional control: YES (3 kanały)
RADIO function: YES
Quick activation button: YES
Changing siren tones  horn ring: YES
Operating Temp.: -20*C to +50*C
Parameters :
image (E20*10R06/02*004886*00)
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